Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Woman Blues

Why is it that women break up or divorce their significant other then flip out when he begins to date again? I have never understood this phenomenom.

Over the years I have been the victim of both pyscho ex-girlfriends and psycho ex-wives. I have received phone threats. I have been stalked. I even had one lunatic show up at my house at 3:00 a.m. banging on my door because she heard that I had been over MY boyfriend's house which just happened to be her ex-husband.

For some bizarre reason narcissistic women seem to think they own the men they break-up with. They don't want to be in a relationship with them, yet they don't want you to be in a relationship with them either. Like the crazy astronaut woman who drove across the country wearing a diaper because her ex was dating someone new. Is this mere jealousy or borderline psychosis?

And if you are the new girlfriend or do you deal with the craziness? When do you put vaseline on your face, take off your earrings, put on your gymshoes and kick some butt? Like Cincinnati's very own City Councilwoman Laketia Cole. Her boyfriend's psycho ex-girlfriend showed up unexpectantly while Ms. Cole and her boyfriend were spending quality time together. Needless to say Laketia gave the psycho ex-girlfriend the smackdown!

My advice to the psycho ex-girlfriends and ex-wives of the world:

1. Let go psychos!
2. Move on! He has.
3. Seek a trained professional for counseling - You ARE crazy!
4. There is medication for everything - find yours and use it!


Mister-M said...

It's about control and the incredible sense of entitlement. They want all the control, none of the responsibility, and all of the benefits.

"If I can't/won't have him, no one will!"

Anonymous said...

Most likely the ex-boyfriend/ex-husband is still sleeping with the ex-wife/ex-girlfriend and she is po'd. Many guys string along their ex's...benefits: sex, emotional support (they were to meet some need at some point), financial reasons (ie- she may take me to court), children, etc.

I have seen it so many times and been there myself. My ex-husband of 12 years led me on staying with me so he wouldnt prentending to reconcile. In the meantime he was meeting other women and when one came along who was willing to buy him anything, ignore his alcohol problems and jet him off on vactions, he finally left.

I say good riddance but the new gf swears he wasnt with his family (to make herself feel better). The only contact is lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers. I wont stoop to her games (she sends me bikin photos of herself). She hates that he has to pay alimony and child support.

You are better off finding someone who isn't tangled up with an ex. Someone who is free and clear to give his whole heart to you. Why would you want someone elses trash anyway? Getting involved with men with such issues leads to question your own self-esteem...Don't play saviour to these men and dnt put yourself in the middle if you dont want the drama. Find someone who isnt involved somehow with his ex- thats what I have done!

Smirking Cat said...

So if we don't operate on the sexist concept that the man involved is simply a cheater...

I agree with Mister M about the control issue and definitely about the sense of entitlement. Actually the "all the control, none of the responsibility, and all of the benefits" could be a slogan for particular women I know. Maybe I'll print up some t-shirts.

njm said...


You make a great point that I will have to explore. I agree, there are some men who lead on their Ex's - causing them to think a reconciliation is possible. Thus creating drama between the EX and the New Woman.

This will be the subject of my next post.