Monday, February 25, 2008


How many of you are tired of hearing about Brittany Spears in the news?

Yes, Brittany is going through a divorce. SO WHAT! So are almost 60% of married couples in the United States. But do you see even 5% of those couples on the news? In the newspaper? In the tabloids? Or on entertainment television shows?

Do you really care that Brittany Spears and Kevin Federline are unable to resolve their marital differences amicably? I don't!

Are you titillated by the fact that Brittany Spears possibly has an alcohol or drug addiction? I'm Not!

Are you really interested in the fact that Brittany has more DUI's at this point than hit records? Not really!

Seriously, why are photographs and videos stockpiling within the electronic libraries, databases, and Internet files showing Brittany Spears transporting her children without a license... again?

Relationships are hard enough as it is. What is the purpose of pursuing someone who is obviously unhappy simply for profit? It seems morbid if you ask me. But then again no one did, which is why we are being bombarded with these images daily.

Brittany and Kevin need divorce counseling. Brittany probably needs substance abuse counseling. If this insipid nonsense continues, their children will need psychological counseling. And Kevin...well he probably needs image counseling.

Now that's the end of the story!


Mister-M said...

It's just a small measure of just how fall our society has fallen. The superficial, instant gratification, starry-eyed following of "superstars" to the point where stalking them with a camera is a well-paying career... does it get more pathetic?

These are the people our young people (women, mostly) look up to or otherwise waste their time following. Celebrating her 16-year old's sister's pregnancy (at the *ahem* hands of her 19-year old statuatory rapist "long-time lover").

It's a gut-twister, that's for sure.

njm said...

I agree! I get sick of it. You try to teach your children what to do and what NOT to do, yet they are bombarded with images of idiocy!

I know that when you become a "star" your life is in the limelight. But sometimes...enough is simply enough!