Saturday, February 16, 2008

Common Ground

Today I visited MenWeb, the site that openly discusses the abuse that men face at the hands of women. I commend the originator of this site as it exposes the reality faced by many men today. In my unsolicited opinion, I believe that the exposure is needed now more than ever. I believe three things...

  1. Men are abused by woman.
  2. Men rarely report the abuse.
  3. Men experience unfair treatment in the Courts for domestic violence.

However, I do not know if I am ready to believe that men experience abuse as often as woman or with the same level of brutality. Please keep in the forefront of your mind that - I 100% support EQUAL treatment for both men and women victims of domestic violence. Yet, I personally know many women who experienced violent and brutal abuse and today still live with the after effects of that abuse.

My proposal is that we stop comparing the statistics of violence upon men and woman and work together to advocate:

  • Violence free relationships.
  • Protection for the abused.
  • Swift punishment for the abuser.

The damage of domestic violence is long lasting regardless of who experienced the abuse. In addition, if children are involved the effect travels from one generation to the next - from the inability to enter into committed relationships to the increased propensity to become an abuser, to the personal acceptance of abusive behavior.

If you know of any advocate groups or websites that call for equality in domestic violence for both men and women, please share.


Mister-M said... - Glenn's blog just spent most of last week doing a series of very informative posts on the domestic violence industry which has rattled the cages of many "well-known" radical feminists and will likely give you the insight you're looking for.

Of particular interest is #7 (I think) which included Erin Pizzey who started the first DV shelter in England.

DW actually did an article on our blog rooted in an article she did called "The Family Terrorist."

Toni said...

On a very related topic, visit for information on Parent Alienation Awareness Day and the effects on children of one ex trying to "get back" at the other ex through the children. I think in most cases, the hostile ex issues are tied to children & custody, and they are trying to raise awareness.