Thursday, December 20, 2007

Very Bad Behavior

Break-ups, especially divorces are hell! They often bring out the worst in people - I believe that most would agree that during this time in their lives they probably said the most unbelievably hateful things. They may have even participated in embarrassingly bad behavior. Whenever I talk with people who "reminisce" about the bad behavior they displayed, many fail to take responsibility for the behavior and are quick to place blame on their EX. I'm sure the same is true of the EX whose temper tantrum was the source of negative impact.

I once knew of someone who had their credit cards stolen by an EX in retaliation. One EX stalked the new significant other. Another started calling their Exe's family members and spreading lies. Even better, another believed their phone was tapped. And, perhaps the scariest one of all was the Ex-husband who forced his way into his Ex-wife's home and stole her personal belongings. Although, I am torn between that one and the Ex-wife who set her Ex-husband's office on fire.

Why do Exes do these kinds of things? When does the revelation hit that there is life after a break-up or divorce?

Why do we participate in such bad behavior?

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