Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Cheer?

They say the holidays are a difficult time of year for those experiencing a recent break-up or divorce. Especially if children are involved, which now requires splitting the holiday - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day or possibly not seeing the child until after the holiday. Even if you don't have children, not seeing your Exes family members that you may have grown close to over the years is tough. The holidays may even feel lonely or depressing.

This year, shake holiday blues by basking in the true joy of the holiday season. Remember that we celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Christ, God's ultimate gift to mankind - humankind, for the feminists. Take time to remember blessings you may have received during the last year. We often overlook good health - mental and physical. The support of family is yet another blessing. Simple things like food, clothing, and shelter are often taken for granted, yet are wonderful blessings - ask the homeless guy that sleeps under the downtown bridge. Remember a special birthday celebration or outing with your children. Don't forget the macaroni necklace your 4 year-old made in daycare for Mother or Father's day that brought tears to your eyes.

If you find your emotional state to be more than you can handle, seek counseling. Your health insurance company, neighborhood church, friends and family members will be able to provide you with a referral.

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