Friday, November 16, 2007

Bathing Decadance

Having been an EX, three things that effectively cheered me up were:

1. Decadent foods especially desserts - There is absolutely nothing better than drowning your sorrows in a deliciously well prepared meal at your favorite restaurant and topping the meal off with something warm, moist, gooey, and chocolate. I'm salivating just thinking about it.
2. Shopping - I always felt sassy and in-charge after a shopping excursion. There are many things in life that happen outside of my control except one...I always have the ability to look fabulous! Whether new clothes, new shoes, new purse - I made the decisions. I ran the show!

3. Pampering - Just thinking about pampering makes me stretch and purr. A massage...pedicure...facial...I'm about to melt.

When I accidentally stumbled upon Cremoso, I was ecstatic! Why? They sell bath and body products that look like decadent chocolate desserts! Check out the pictures above. Believe it or not, both are actual bath and body products.

Chase away the break-up blues....bathe in chocolate.

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